Next Step Campaign!

In pursuit of our own church facility, Pastor has been setting the vision before the people that we are on our way to the Church God has for us. In effort of discovering how to exactly go about our pursuit we needed the Next Step to be revealed. God spoke to Pastor and confirmed this was His plan through Pastor's Spiritual Father, Dr. IV Hilliard.

The birth of the Next Step Vision Campaign came through a need for our own church facility and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that if we would sacrifice in giving, God is faithful to show us the Next Step.

As members of WOFM giving in the Next Step Vision Campaign is demonstration of our faith in God's Word that when we sacrifice, He shows up. Not only corporately as a church but He will also show us the next step in our personal lives as a result of our sacrificial giving.

The goal is to raise $300,000.00 by a collective effort of every member stretching to give $2,000.00. With at least 150 faithful committed people we will accomplish this goal over and above!

The Next Step Vision Campaign will lead to the revealing of our Next Step in obtaining our own building. God is faithful to show up for us as a result of our sacrificial giving.

Super Sunday is on March 26th 2017 where we will all bring our $2,000.00 sacrificial seed to give.

As a result of our sacrifice we are standing in full expectation for God to reveal to us our Next Step. Praise God!

WOFM where the vision of Kingdom City is coming to pass!



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